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Original design

We provide new design for your coffee life

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Cat  Eyes

2023 New

Linea Mini Wooden Kit

2023 New Desin
​For La  Marzocco Linea Mini
What's New
- Hexagon Knobs
- Cat Eyes design for cap of knobs
- Group cover is no longer round and more individual
- Paddling adds a new element - Rivets
- Top panel with timer function
- Hexagon Portafilter Handle

Type of Design:

Whole wood | Wood & Metal

Customize in resin & wooden

Type of Wood:

Black walnut | Zebra | Maple


Wooden Design

For La Marzocco Linea Micra


Primal space beyond the field of sight

A place where we can come and go for adventure

In the wilderness

No limitations, without belonging, unconstrained.


All Metal Coffee Mill, Manual, Hand Grind

Brass Body, Folding Handle, Stainless Steel Mill, Adjustable Roughness

Labor Saving, Easy to Carry 

New Design

Magic in the coffee corner

Wooden Kit for
La Marzocco GS 3

The wooden kits deliver an unparalleled coffee experience with your machine.

There are few type of wooden kit to create your machine wonderful with WOWA design, check detail on Explore more.

GS3 Zebra.JPG

WOWA Design

Accessories For Coffee Machine

Bottomless Portafilter | Tampering Related

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Anywhere Coffee