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 WOWA New Design for La Marzocco Linea Micra 


Primal space beyond the field of sight

A place where we can come and go for adventure

In the wilderness

No limitations, without belonging, unconstrained.



TIBET-318, All Metal Coffee Mill, Manual, Hand Grind, Brass Body, Folding Handle, Stainless Steel Mill, Adjustable Roughness, Labor Saving, Easy to Carry - New Design from WOWA


WOWA TIBET-318 Grinder

PrecioDesde 238,00$
  • Material:

    Body: H62 Brass

    Grinder: 420 Stainless Steel

    Grinder Holder: Aviation aluminum

    Handle: Ebony Handle



    TIBET-318 Pro:   240*50mm
    TIBET-318 Mini: 140*50mm



    • GRIND WITH EASE - Tibet-318 using 420 precision steel with stronger hardness and CNC cutting force for better cutting performance, ensuring your coffee beans taste their best with consistent and swift grinding, preserving the flavor of your coffee beans.
    • DURABLE & BUILT TO LAST - Brass body, with no plastic part inside, built for precise grinding and longer lasting. making the grinding process more detailed and the coffee powder more uniform.
    • ADJUSTBALE GRIND SETTING - Point to point adjustment. allows you to easily achieve the perfect coarseness for your preferred brewing method. Whether you're making French Press, Pour Over Coffee, or Espresso, Tibet-318 has you covered.
    • PRACTICAL - Tibet-318 has perfect size, there are TIBET-318 Pro and TIBET-318 Mini can be chosen, Extended with Folding Handle, easy to carry.
    • ESAY TO CLEAN - Do not use water to wash. It’s recommended to use the brush to clean the manual coffee grinder. 


    If you have any questions or are not satisfied with the product, please feel free to contact us.

  • - All our products are handmade. Please allow additional 15 production days should we run out of stock.

    - Coffee machine accessories come in various sizes. Please confirm yours before placing an order. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

    - Products are engineered and crafted for easy assembly

    - Once you have received the Kit, contact us for the installation instructional video (For La Marzocco and Timer).

    - Products are shipped from China. Prices do not include shipping fees and tax.

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